From the recording The Road Out of Town

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"Castle Kelly" is an Irish reel from the Sligo region that may or may not have been named for an actual castle. Though some may play this tune at typical reel tempo, we chose to slow it down a bit to a more comfortable speed.

"The Road Out of Town" is an original composition by our hammered dulcimer player Bob Clark. While researching old maps in the City of Norfolk's Division of Surveys, Bob ran across copies of some of the first maps of the Town of Norfolk, dating from the late 1600s. At that time, the town consisted mostly of The Main Street (and it is still called Main Street and is still in the same position as it was in 1682). There were also a handful of side streets with labels such as "the road that leadeth down to the waterside," and "the road that leadeth to the publique spring." The major road going north from The Main Street has had several names. That road went by the churchyard of Saint Paul's Church and was, for a period of time, called Church Street. Today it is called St. Paul's Boulevard, but on one early map, it was called "the road that leadeth out of town." Figuring that was a road on which musicians often found themselves, Bob adapted it as the title for this composition.