From the recording The Road Out of Town

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This is another historically inspired original tune by our prolific tune-writing hammered dulcimer player. Quothe the composer: "I had seen some film footage of the Scottish countryside and was impressed by its terrain and its beauty. I had also been investigating the family history and found that the Clarks were one of the families accepted by the larger Clan MacPherson. Creag Dhubh, meaning the black crag, is a large hill located near the town of Newtonmore in Scotland, the ancestral home of the MacPhersons, and is also the battle cry of the Clan MacPherson. When I wrote the tune, I imagined someone having to leave such a beautiful place, never to return, hence the farewell. The reason the title is spelled "Mc" rather than "Mac" is because I am related to a family of McPhersons and I wanted to work the family name into the title. The tune is dedicated to all my McPherson cousins from the great state of Michigan."