From the recording The Road Out of Town

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"Swallow's Tail Reel" is an Irish tune from the Donegal region where it was originally called the "Swallow's Tail Coat," after the split-tailed coats, similar to a modern tuxedo, that were favored by dancing masters. As is the case with popular widely-played tunes, this one goes by many names, among them "Pigeon on the Gate," "The Steeplechase," "Take Your Hand Away" and "Pride of the Ball."

Paddy on the Turnpike" is an old modal tune descended from a Scottish air, "Waulkin o' the Fauld," a work song used during process of "waulking," or sizing freshly woven bolts of wool. It has not been traced before the 18th century, though music historian Samuel Bayard commented that "the modal character (with sets appearing in more than one mode), wide diffusion, often renamed, indicate the tune has some respectable age." We have combined two of its many versions together in this arrangement.