Tangent is Marsha Wallace, Dreda Symonds and Connie Smith. Why Tangent? Because they are constantly off on one. They wander from traditional songs of the British Isles to original material to contemporary tunes and songs, then back to traditional American music. But their goal has always been consistent (to have fun) and their performances reflect this creed. With full time jobs, families (eight kids and a grandson between them) and other obligations, making music is the carefree, creative part of their lives. Untaming the Shrew is a perfect illustration of their variety of styles and freedom of spirit. To hear sample selections, click on the blue and white arrows.

  1. Free Little Bird
  2. Cunla / Banish Misfortune
  3. The Barnyard Dance (H.Armstrong, T.Bogan, C.Martin, C.Smith)
  4. Ash Grove
  5. Barking Dog (D.McCreary) / Cuckoo
  6. Colcannon
  7. Do You Love an Apple
  8. Queen of Argyll (A.M.Stewart)
  9. Woodstove (D.McCreary)
  10. Log Driver's Waltz (W.Hemsworth)
  11. Real Cowboy Girl
  12. Philip's Song (M.Wallace)
  13. Kiss Me Quick
  14. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
  15. Memories of Home (C.Smith)
  16. Benji's Fiddle (D.McCreary, T.McCreary)

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