Other Interesting (and somewhat related) Sites

Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music (TFAM) ~ A worthy non-profit organization of which all the Itinerants are members. TFAM sponsors traditional music concerts, workshops and festivals in Southeastern Virginia.

Mount Vernon ~ The home of George Washington, Mount Vernon has been owned and operated by a private non-profit organization, the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, since 1858. They accept no government support and the estate is maintained entirely by admission fees and donations. It is well worth a visit. We perform for events here a few times every year and just love it.

We do several programs each year at the Francis Land House, home to a portion of the powerful and influential Land family of Princess Anne County, Virginia.  It is maintained as part of the Virginia Beach Museum system and has a lively schedule of tours and programs.

The chantey men of Ship's Company are a very talented and entertaining band of men and women who are the performing arm of a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the American maritime heritage.

Lynn Ruehlmann is a professional actress and storyteller who specializes in programs of historical stories, myths, and folklore.
Our friend Jody Ellis performs her character "Signora Bella, the Great Italian Equilibrist" to audiences of all ages - balancing and juggling on the slackrope and "the razor-sharp globe of death." She juggles knives and flaming torches, bringing to life the tradition of the traveling performer of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.

House of Cadarn ~ Friends Roger Collins, Stacy Cassidy and Danny Gichner - Celtic songs, shanties and sea songs.

The Olde Virginia Primitive Riflemen is an organization dedicated to creating and promoting fellowship, brotherhood and interest in the art of primitive muzzle loading shooting, pre-1840 life and encampment through organized rendezvous. You can find us at their bi-annual rendezvous, playing music and relaxing in Streuth Glen.

C. Shells ~ Another Tidewater group, Cindy Kays and Shelly Craig write and perform wonderful music for children. They have produced four albums to date, and have earned the Parents Choice Silver Honor for their work.

Robert Mouland
is a combination of performer, historian and storyteller who uses period instruments and clothing to educate and entertain in a variety of settings with an unparalleled authenticity.

Bill Chrystal
is a leading scholar/performer of two Founding Fathers, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton.  Bill's present passion involves uncovering new material about Alexander Hamilton, someone he calls "a badly misunderstood founder."  He is the Founding Editor of the Alexander Hamilton Working Papers, an occasional publication devoted to new research and information. In February 2012, Bill Chrystal was named the first National Alexander Hamilton Scholar by The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society.

Dean Malissa
is the official interpreter of George Washington for Mount Vernon.

Official potters to The Itinerant Band, Erich and Janice Steinhagen create redware pottery based on designs and colors from the colonial period.

is the site of Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Thomas Jefferson built Poplar Forest, his country home in Bedford, Virginia, as a retreat from the busy world of Monticello.

Mike Follin
is a storyteller and creative drama artist based in Ohio whom we have had the pleasure of performing with at Mount Vernon.  

Tim and Katheleen Nealeigh
, also from Ohio and Mount Vernon, create a diverse cast of characters from various stages of history that both educate and entertain.

Colonial Williamsburg
~ This is the place to find everything Williamsburg.

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
~ Here you will find information on Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in North America, and the Yorktown Victory Center, which celebrates the patriot victory over the British forces at Yorktown Battlefield.

Ripple Studios
is the friendly and professional studio where we recorded Lynnhaven Bay.

Randy Melton of Virginia Web Design, is our talented, creative and patient webmaster who has assembled and operated our website for many years.  He is also a gifted musician and was our sound engineer for our first two recordings.


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